About Me

I'm Isaac Shea, a tech enthusiast, graphic design hobbyist and game developer based in Brisbane, Australia. For a long time now, I have worked in design and code. 

In terms of design, I have a clean, minimalist style, and I aim to execute that to everywhere in my artwork. I focus heavily on digital and vector design, creating anything from GUI mock-ups, to logos and branding, to my first published video game, Gravity. 

In March of 2018, I published the first version of Gravity, my first video game to see the light of day. It first was seen on Game Jolt, but I then reached out to Itch.io to publish it as well. It has been under continuous part-time development since then in Game Maker: Studio, but a new version of the game made in Unity using C# is available now. I made the artwork, code and music for the existing versions of the game all from scratch. 

If you want to take a look at my design pieces, or read more about Gravity, see below.